The Glam Pirate-Diaries!

Howdy dear Pirate Crew ;)

Feel welcome on the Glam Pirate Ship to nowhere. Our captain is at the moment very busy because he is writing new songs for our time here on the Glam Pirate Ship. He surely wont that we get bored if we're on the way at the ocean. I think it'll be a hard time on the ship, but if we're all hold together and if we help each other, we surely can have a very awesome time at the ocean to nowhere! I did not need war or anything else on my Glam Pirate Ship and our captain did not need it too. He needs his peace for creating new songs and new masterplans! For any questions ask me the co-captain! So and now i wish u alot of fun on the Glam Pirate Ship to nowhere. All new infos of our captain he spread out to the world... will i posting here in the Pirate-Diaries!

your co-captain:


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