Jack Strify

Some own Words from me about our Glam Pirate Captain!

Strify is just a lovely and powerful men. All what he try to reach, creates he also. For his fans he did so much in the last Years and now too. After the break up with his Band (Cinema Bizarre) he started his solo-career now and is already in the studio to record his first solo-album. In the past he had gave some Dj-Sets in Moscow and also here in Germany too. And it does not matter whats comming in the future he will be there for his truely fans. On his Tumblr. he answers sometimes if he had time some questions of his fans the asked him. So no one can say he didnt care about his fans. And i think he is just the warmest men i know. And its time to thank him for all what he had done and he will doing!

be how you are because so we love you Strify.

Infos about Jack Strify:

Name: Jack Strify

Job: Singer/songwriter & DJ

Date of Birth: 20.08.1988

Zodiac Sign: leo

Living-Place: Berlin

High: 1.71

Eye-color: blue

Haircut: middel

Hair-color: platin blonde with brown


Music-Genres: 80's, Alternative, Pop, Electro

Music-Artists: Muse, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Queen, Depeche Mode, Linkin Park

Colors: violett, silver, white, gold

Food: sushi, schnitzel with applesauce & spätzle

Drinks (non alcoholic): Water

Drinks (alcoholic): Martini Bianco

Perfume: Dior-Homme

Dogs: Pugs

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