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05.07.2012 by Jack Strify via Twitter, Facebook & YouTube

"Brave New World" the demo is now released you can watch it here... go to the header here and -click- the "Videos" button there can u find the link to the Demo-Song + Video. ;)

02.07.2012 by Jack Strify via Twitter

"Because you are so loyal & faithful and I always keep you waiting, I have decided to release a demo this week with a self-made video. 3 demos will be put online in the following weeks, the video produced by Mr. Hangover (Shin), with me as the self-proclaimed creaitive director"

25.05.2012 by Jack Strify via Twitter

"rainy days in berlin... shades and my umbrella make it seem quite likeable"


28.06.2012 by Jack Strify via Facebook

-New Header on his Page-

12.06.2012 by Jack Strify via Twitter




30.05.2012 by Jack Strify via Twitter


"Even without any make upon people on the streets screams 'you look like a girl' after me"


28.05.2012 by Jack Strify via Twitter




10.04.2012 by Jack Strify via Twitter

"Good evening from the studio. This is where the magic happens."


08.04.2012 by Jack Strify via Twitter

"I just found out, I have a twitter account! :) Have a wonderful day everyone, Frohe Ostern!"


08.03.2012 by Jack Strify via Tumblr.

"from Jack E. Strify:"GO GIRLS! I am not going to wish you a nice Women's Day because I believe you should enjoy today as every other day of your life. Express yourself and don't let anyone define you, you are the only person to own that right! ♥"


01.01.2012 by Jack Strify via Twitter

"HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU! May 2012 be great and fabulous for you!"


24.12.2011 by Jack Strify via Facebook

"Burnt apple sauce, cut fingers, turkey in the oven, Mariah Christmas album, Морозко & nightmare before christmas! I hope you enjoy your Christmas as much as I'll do! I wish you a Merry Happy Christmas ♥"

05.12.2011 by Jack Strify via Facebook

"18,000!!! I can't believe it - thanks to all of you ♥"

04.12.2011 by Jack Strify via Facebook

27.11.2011 by Jack Strify on Facebook

"Nobody has the right to take the righteous freedom from you to speak out who you are. The frontiers between colour, religion or sexuality have only then earth to grow when they exist in your head. Don't feed hate and discrimination!"

LESS THAN A WEEK to block anti-gay law in Russia

be honest and help!


31.10.2011 by Jack Strify on Facebook


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